ISMDealers Pro is a Digital Marketing Agency serving the Automotive Retail Industry and other industries with similar challenges such as obtaining a high volume of qualified, targeted website traffic that converts into sales. Our goal is to provide local businesses with the power of a healthy and professional online presence, and maximize ROI for both online as well as off-line marketing and advertising ventures. We provide local businesses with the power and satisfaction of a world-class online conversion funnel that rivals the big brands, and maximizes ROI.

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Company History (beginning in 2003)


ISMDealers.com was established as a professional agency in 2003. Initial ISMDealers.com services were consulting, and included automotive sales training and sales process implementation. During the initial consulting stage, ISMDealers.com President and Founder, Greg Hernandez, began to notice gaps and deficiencies in the Internet Marketing services provided by vendors at that time. Over the next few years, ISMDealers.com began to recommend time-tested and proven providers of quality Internet Marketing solutions to clients. As consultants at that time, it made sense to operate as a dealer advocate and assist them in acquiring the highest level of quality for Internet marketing services such as automotive Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Local Search Optimization, dealer websites, DMS/CRM, email templates, etc.


In 2006, ISMDealers.com became a California Corporation and began to offer its own internal products and services exclusively to the retail automotive industry. Throughout this stage it became clearer and clearer that ISMDealers.com was on its way to becoming more than just a consulting company making recommendations, rather, a bona-fide, full-suite Internet Sales and Marketing solutions provider. However, some of the connections made with other vendors could not be duplicated and/or replaced by ISMDealers.com, so a new concept was formed: The ISMDealers.com Circle of Services (CoS). The CoS enabled retail automotive dealers to open new consulting contracts with ISMDealers.com and receive both the automotive consulting as well as a host of top-level services. ISMDealers.com believed that it was best for their clients to continue to receive the highest quality service whether it was from ISMDealers.com or another company – a belief that is still held today.


ISMDealers.com increased its investment in building the CoS, and positioned itself to be able to offer a multi-faceted suite of services to its dealers such as:

Automotive Sales Training
Automotive Internet Marketing Consulting
Internet Sales Process Implementation
Virtual Internet Sales Director
Automotive Internet Sales Process Training/Coaching
Digital Advertising
Automotive Reputation Management
Internet Lead Response Solutions
Automotive DMS/CMS Efficiency Training
Automotive Website Conversion Optimization
Local Search Optimization
Automotive SEO
And more…

As the CoS progressed, and as each service provider grew, it became more and more difficult to maintain operations at that level. A centralized headquarters was desired, and the goal was to bring as many services as possible under one roof. This meant that some services had to be cut. After evaluating the historical performance and benefit of each service, decisions had to be made in the interest of both ISMDealers.com as well as its clients. This is when the shift toward ISMDealers.com’s modern era began.


In 2009, Greg Hernandez embarked on a journey to determine which services ISMDealers.com clients needed most. Greg’s fact-finding mission led him to meet Stephen Macasil through a mutual friend. Greg and Stephen met frequently and rethought ISMDealers.com’s business strategy and ultimately decided to simplify the product menu. The idea was to condense the most valuable services and establish a core of industry-leading products and services that they could offer in-house. The end result was the following:

Local Search Optimization
Social Network Outsourcing
Automotive SEO (organic)
Digital Advertising

These four core services were offered through 2013. In 2013 ISMDealers.com began to add services that included robust email marketing, digital ad conversion and creation, SEM/PPC, and display advertising. A lot of testing was done throughout the period of 2009 and 2013, and once the formula was perfected the plan to re-launch with a unified bundle of time-tested products began.


Rebranded as ISMDealers Pro in 2015, we confidently present our current platform as world-class digital advertising that demands traditional advertising dollars to be shifted over to digital. Our ability to reach and engage audiences that newspaper, magazines, and TV cannot (and do not) reach is cutting-edge, and if your ads are not placed in front of the people that matters most then you are wasting those dollars. NOW is the time to shift more of your traditional advertising dollars over to digital, and ISMDealers Pro provides you with the tools and strategy to dominate your market. We want to show you how we can help your bottom line. To schedule a free consultation and presentation with an ISMDealers.com representative, contact us today by clicking here or by calling (877) 423-5142.