Large California automotive dealer “drives” sales upward with IP campaign!


As a large automotive dealer in the state of California this dealership is doing well with their new and used car business using both traditional and digital mediums. This dealership was looking to find a way to entice previous customers to return to their dealership and take advantage of their most recent lease programs.


After discussing the dealership’s desired results for the campaign, we decided that the call to action we wanted to deliver to returning customers was to offer them the opportunity to take advantage of the best new lease deals in years. Some returning lease customers even had the ability to trade in their current lease early. We targeted a mailing list of almost 15,000 people from their CRM platform online using IP targeting. Serving those on the append list, about 6,250 households, up to 24 times within a 30 day period. We created both animated and flash banner ads and delivered across mobile devices, tablets and computers.


After 30 days of strategic targeting, the campaign produced 51 sales or leases from the past customer list. We delivered a little over 143,000 ad impressions over the course of the campaign and verified each customer conversion with our match back report using the dealership’s own sold report for that month. The client was so impressed with the campaign results that they are looking to increase their total monthly campaign budget with us by 60%!